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Heritage & Conservation Architects – London

FORM Design Group are accredited conservation architects based near London. We are members of IHBC, the Institute of Historic Building Conservation.


We are a RIBA chartered specialist conservation architect firm and have undertaken conservation work on historic buildings for a number of years, including listed buildings in urban areas. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team have the expertise to support you with all your architectural conservation requirements.

Conservation Architects & Historic Buildings

Every conservation project requires meticulous planning and processes, from internal refurbishment to exterior renovation work supporting local authorities. We strive to enhance the appearance and structure of historic and listed buildings using specialist alterations techniques.


You can view some of our conservation projects here.


Heritage and specialist conservation projects often focus on a listed building. In partnership with those entrusted to care for it, we help to protect the historic landmarks of London and beyond by offering advice, liaising with authorities, conducting research and managing the planning and development of the property. We offer more than just architecture, with planning and structural engineering services for your project in a single practice.

London – A City of Historical Architecture.

Why choose FORM Design Group?

As conservation architects, we’re often asked for advice about listed buildings and their historic significance. Our clients rely on our expertise and knowledge of London architecture to ensure that the heritage of historic and listed buildings is preserved for future generations.


Our architects are IHBC-accredited and have worked in London for many years.

Looking for specialist heritage and conservation architects? We can help!

Ask Joao

Get the answers to FAQs by FORM’s resident Heritage and Conservation expert, Joao Lopes MArch DiplCons, RIBA

Joao Lopes | Form Design Group's Heritage & Conservation ArchitectJoao has extensive knowledge and experience of working with Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas, from vernacular to high-end residential developments, as well as on commercial, large scale governmental and ecclesiastic projects. He has an in-depth understanding of the architectural, planning and technical aspects of dealing with historic buildings.


He believes that beauty can be found in the smallest details: “The more you get to know an old building, the more it reveals its secrets, surprising you with techniques and workmanship that are hard to match nowadays.”

What does a conservation architect do?

A conservation architect seeks to preserve and remodel historical buildings. The end goal is to maintain or restore the building’s aesthetic so that it is true to its original form.

Why is architectural conservation important?

Architectural conservation helps to define a location’s identity and sense of place. Many of us take historic buildings for granted, but if we lose them, they would be sorely missed and change the nature of a location.

What is a heritage architect?

A heritage architect can also be known as a conservation architect. Heritage buildings are often linked with culture and arts within a community and a heritage architect is responsible for maintaining or restoring these buildings to their original form, whilst making them useful for our modern way of life.

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