Town Centre Residential Development


Demolition of existing buildings and a new development of 18 residential flats within a town centre location. The development was approved following a committee hearing in June 2021.


CNM Estates



Walton on Thames, Surrey



Architecture, Planning, Residential, New-build, Design

The Challenge

The recent planning history for the site recorded a refusal for a residential development of 18 flats with a scheme that was out of character with the area and the mass height and scale were also cited as reasons for refusal.


FORM were commissioned to prepare a new design for 18 flats and address the previous reasons for refusal that integrated well within its setting whilst providing high-quality residential accommodation.

The Solution

A character analysis of the area was conducted and a new design was prepared that reflected the local traditional vernacular with a more efficient plan that allowed the mass of the building to be reduced.


The design involved creating a pitched roof concept that better reflects the character and appearance of the surrounding areas. The reduction of the massing of the development in comparison to the previously refused scheme reduced the visual impact on the street scene creating a more sympathetic building that integrates well within the townscape.

The Result

A planning consent was granted which was calculated to be a more efficient and cost-effective construction with a design that complemented the traditional architecture of the area but also provided a modern aesthetic.


Progress is well underway in getting the development onto site in the near future.