New Flats on Site of Old Pub


A private developer asked us to develop a residential scheme for a brownfield site following the demolition of existing Public House.


The site needed to maximise the site area and retain existing trees on the site boundary. 


Private Developer



Dunton Road, London



8 new flats on a brownfield site

The Challenge

We were asked to design a scheme that would create a street frontage that reflected the local architecture, and which would be subordinate to the three-storey listed Georgian terrace next to the site.


The proposed development had to avoid overshadowing other properties or overlooking the adjacent gardens of the two-storey modern homes in the estate to the rear of the site.


We also had to address the planners’ desire to create a corner feature matching the three-storey height of the Georgian terrace, whilst meeting the developers’ requirement for accommodation on a fourth floor. 


The planners also wanted to provide private gardens to all ground floor units and the trees in the street had to be retained.

The Solution

The materials chosen for the new scheme were predominantly brick, with accent white render features. By using brick, we were able to blend the new development in with existing Georgian terrace street architecture.


The new development addresses the planner’s desire for a corner feature and the client’s requirement for four floors by setting back the top floor and changing the material used from brick to glass cladding on the fourth floor. A brick frame defines the space at fourth floor level creating a bold corner feature 


The building levels step down and are set back to allow for the existing pavement trees. This creates an interesting, articulated skyline and shadowing of the street frontage.

The Result

We were able to deliver a comprehensive development utilising the whole of the site which was favoured by the planners.


The development makes excellent use of a brownfield site, with a design that enhances and revitalises the local area and provides a simple contemporary design solution.