Development of Steeply Sloping Site


This project in Redhill involved creating a development for a pair of detached houses from a steeply sloping backland site next to a conservation area.


We prepared the visual impact assessment, taking into consideration the key views from around the area, adjacent properties and the vista into and from the conservation area.





Redhill, Surrey



Development of backland site

The Challenge

This was a backland site with access between existing dwellings. It is site which slopes from various directions and lies adjacent to a conservation area.


There was also a badger set very close to the site.

The Solution

We catered for the extreme slope of the site by modelling the drop and designing a series of retaining walls that enabled the two houses to be built in the best location on the site.


We also segregated the badger set from the site to protect the badgers during construction.

The Result

There are now two attractive New England-style homes on the site, each with its own off-street parking.