Dwelling on green belt | planning consultancy in Surrey
Dwelling on green belt | planning consultancy in Surrey
Dwelling on green belt | planning consultancy in Surrey

New Dwelling on Green Belt


When our client wanted to redevelop a building in Green Belt in Cranleigh, they needed help from an expert planning consultancy in Surrey to gain a Certificate of Lawfulness to formally establish that a property had been lived in for some time.


They also needed a sympathetic architectural design for their new home that would cater for the many challenges of the site.


Private Client



Cranleigh, Surrey



Planning Consultancy and Architectural Design

The Challenge

The main challenge for this development was to establish the use of the existing buildings on site as residential dwelling, and then to design a new home which would meet local Green Belt constraints in Cranleigh, Surrey.


The design also had to take into account the physical constraints of the site, such as its proximity to the main road and the surrounding trees.

The Solution

Although the existing buildings on site had been occupied for some time for residential use, we needed to make sure that this could be formally established before the build started.  Accordingly, the first stage was to gather evidence to clearly demonstrate the established use of the site and buildings as a residential dwelling.


As a leading planning consultancy in Surrey, we were able to agree this with the Council through a Certificate of Lawful Use. We were then able to design a building that took into account Green Belt policy constraints, but which provides a comfortable home for our clients.


This meant that we had to limit the floor area and the size and scale of the building so that it had minimal impact on the open character of the surrounding land.  We also had to give consideration to minimising noise from the nearby main road.


The solution was to build on the footprint of the existing buildings, with a blank façade towards the road. The building wraps around a courtyard in a U-shape, so its focus is away from the road and facing towards the lovely open countryside.

The Result

The result is a building which has more usable internal space, provides a good outlook with low noise levels and also provides good levels of privacy from the adjacent property, whilst remaining sympathetic to its rural setting.


By accessing planning and architectural design services from a single practice, the client could reduce the risk of the project. As a fully integrated architectural, planning and structural engineering practice, we were able to help them understand the potential of the site before development began, so they didn’t waste time or money on unviable plans.