Three Pairs of 4-Bed Semis


We were asked to provide Structural Engineering services for the development of three pairs of 4-bed semi-detached houses, each of around 1600 square feet.


The site is located to the side of Hare Hill in Addlestone and replaces an existing small run-down detached property, which was located at the lower end of the plot. The only vehicle access was to a garage located at the top of the site


Eliott Jameson Ltd



Warrens End, Hare Hill, Addlestone



Three pairs of 4-bed Semis

The Challenge

The site is on a slope and drops by about 4.5 metres from Hare Hill and the ground is predominantly clay, with a high water table.


There was a Planning condition which required the houses to be set below the adjacent road level, which neccesitated the removal of some 5000 cubic metres of clay to lower the level of the site.


There had previously been no vehicle access to the site. 

The Solution

We specified the use of a piled raft was for the foundations of the house and added a concrete retaining wall to carry a new access road into the site


A 60 cubic metre stormwater attenuation tank was installed to store water, before pumping it up to Hare Hill and into a Thames Water surface drain.

The Result

The piled raft provided a stable working platform for the above-ground work.


There is now vehicle access to all the houses, and parking adjacent to each property.


By re-landscaping the site, we were able to ensure a reduction in the volume of ground water that had historically affected properties below the site