Listed Building Consent for Internal Refurbishment


The project involved internal refurbishment works on all four floors of a Central London house that forms part of a Regency Grade II listed Terrace.


Ashgrove Homes Ltd



Central London



Heritage & Conservation, Extensions & Alterations, Residential House

The Challenge

This is a listed building and under the control of the Crown Estate. Accordingly, it requires a higher level of detail and there is a greater stipulation on what work can and cannot be undertaken on the property.


Detailed consideration also needs to be given to the manner in which the work is undertaken.  This is also under supervision from the Crown Estate and involves close liaison with them and their Conservation advisors

The Solution

This involved a detailed assessment of the buildings form, fabric and its historic development.  This provided a thorough understanding of the building’s significance and its historic value.


It then allowed us to develop a strategy for the refurbishment of the building taking on board the client’s needs and advising them as to what would and would not be acceptable to the Crown Estate.