Listed Building Internal Refurbishment


FORM Design Group were commissioned to offer specialist structural engineering and heritage consultancy for the internal refurbishment of an apartment in the well-known Albert Hall Mansions. The project has provided better circulation and improved the living accommodation of the property.


Albert Hall Mansions were one of the first of their kind in Great Britain. The Mansion flats were an exhibition of a new form of housing that came about as a result of the fast-paced Victorian lifestyle. Albert Hall Mansions was one of the first of such developments, erected in 1870.


Private Developer



Central London



Heritage & Conservation, Planning, Structural Engineering

The Challenge

The application site sits in the City of Westminster within the Knightsbridge Conservation Area. As the site became Grade II listed in 1958, extra attention had to be made in preserving the historic features of the heritage asset.

The Solution

A comprehensive heritage assessment was undertaken which identified the key value of the heritage asset as well as detail the ways in which the development would protect and improve the Grade II listed building.


A detailed structures package was also produced to detail the introduction of the required structural work in order to best preserve and enhance the asset.

The Result

The renovations were implemented successfully with the interior being refurbished to a high specification. The structural work was successfully implemented thereby preserving the heritage asset.