Bespoke Residential New Build


We provided design and build services for a new, contemporary home which our client wanted to look fantastic, be energy-efficient and cost-effective to run and maintain.


Private Client






Design and Build

The Challenge

There were several challenges to this site, not only is it within the Green Belt, but it sits on a sloping site, surrounded by mature trees, many covered by a tree preservation order.


There is also a natural spring within the site.

The Solution

The solution was to cut into the slope in order to minimise the overall height of the building and its impact upon the surrounding area.  This also provided more open and usable garden space.


A contiguous pile wall was used to stabilise the ground and protect the mature trees to the rear and around the site. The building was also tanked to protect it from rising water from the natural spring.


The structure of the building was constructed using concrete, which was heavily insulated.  This meant that it was quick and easy to construct, and its thermal mass made it energy efficient, ensuring it provides a comfortable environment throughout the year.


A green roof was added to the building for water recycling and added insulation, and solar panels were proposed to supplement the energy needs of the building.


A glass atrium in the middle of the building lets in natural light and provides clear views from the building across the garden, framing the mature trees to the rear.

The Result

The result is a stunning home that met our client’s design vision, complied with planning requirements and is highly efficient and cost-effective to run.