Extensions & Refurbishment in Conservation Area

Three storey rear extension with excavation at basement level with the erection of a mansard roof extension to provide an extended bar and additional self-contained residential units. 


Private Developer



Clapham, London



Heritage & Conservation, Architecture, Planning

The Challenge

The site is situated within the Clapham High Street Conservation area, characterised by late 18th Century residential buildings and 19th Century Commercial.  The site is constrained, filling up most of the plot, on a corner and very prominent within the street scene. 


The challenge was to rationalise the both the commercial and residential accommodation in a manner which would not have a negative impact upon the character of the conservation area, whilst at the same time providing additional residential in order to make the refurbishment viable.  

The Solution

The solution was to maintain the site frontage and concentrate the extensions and alterations to the rear, which had little design cohesion having been the subject of various ad-hoc changes through time. 


In terms of the additional accommodation, this was focused on the roof, reflecting the various traditional mansard roof top developments within the area. 

The Result

Unfortunately, the Council refused the application, so we then had to take the matter to appeal, using our in-house planning team. 


The result was that the appointed planning inspector accepted our carefully constructed arguments and agreed that ‘the appeal proposal would not have unacceptable adverse effects on the character and appearance of the host property and the locality and that the scheme would provide suitable living conditions for future occupiers’