New Fire Safety Regulations for Planning

Following the fire in Grenfell Tower in 2017, a new requirement for the submission of Fire Statements as part of planning applications was implemented as of 1st August.

This has been detailed within the Town and Country Planning Development Management Procedure (England) (Order 2015).

This change proposes a ‘first step’ in further improving building safety and fire safety. It is anticipated that a building safety bill will be introduced in the near future.

Planning Gateway One, requires a developer to submit a fire statement which sets out the fire safety considerations for the proposed development. This will mean that a Health & Safety Executive will become a statutory consultee for relevant planning applications.

The changes contribute to ensuring developments pay particular attention to fire safety matters during the planning stage of developments.

Developments that will be affected by this change include residential high rise buildings that are 18 metres or more in height or if a building is 7 storeys in height.

The changes involve implementing a 3 stage gateway process with Gateway One as the first stage that will occur in the initial planning stage, Gateway Two occurs at the technical design and construction phase and Gateway Three relates to the current building control completion or final certificate stage of a development.

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